Overture II® Nickel-Lite Metal Bracket



The Overture II® Nickel Lite Bracket System was developed for patients sensitive to nickel. However, the Overture II® does not compromise on functionality. It features a compound-contoured, torque-in-base design that was created from a single metal injection mold (MIM). The rhomboid design parallels tooth angulation and level slot line-up. Additionally, it features precise in/out alignment. The Micro-Etched Grip-Lok® mesh base design greatly improves the bond strength and significantly reduces bond failures. You can purchase brackets individually, or in full sets.

Additional information


•Bio-compatible materials
•Color coded indicators
•Full radius low-profile design
•100 Mesh pattern design for stronger bond


•ROTH 018 •ROTH 022 •MBT 018 •MBT 022


•5 pc/pk


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