Promise X® Poly-Sapphire Plus Clear Bracket System



Promise X® has a fully transparent body and any light absorption creates a unique translucent color. The poly-sapphire plus ceramic material gives the bracket a high level of strength, smooth surfaces, and fracture resistance. Having your patient’s comfort in mind, the Promise X was developed with one of the lowest profiles of any bracket systems in the industry. The triple X mechanical lock base significantly increases bonding strength, while allowing easy de-bonding. You can purchase brackets individually or in full sets.

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•Advanced Ceramic Material
•Smooth and Rounded Hook Design
•Triple Beveled Slot
•True-Twin Design
•Lower Profile
•Poly-Sapphire Material
•Triple X Mechanical Base


•ROTH 018 •ROTH 022 •MBT 018 •MBT 022


•5 pc/pk


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