Purify II® Mono Sapphire Bracket



The Purify® Mono Sapphire Bracket System builds off our popular Poly-Sapphire Bracket System. This state-of-the-art mono-sapphire bracket system is completely transparent, thus allowing compatibility with any tooth shade. It includes discoloring prevention with surface resistance. The Purify has high bonding strength due to the numerous micro-protuberances on the base, while still allowing easy de-bonding. The Purify is truly a revolutionary bracket system. You can purchase brackets individually, or in full sets.

Additional information


•Completely transparent bracket
•Discoloring prevention with surface resistance
•Excellent bonding strength
•Numerous micro-protuberances on the surface base


•ROTH 018 •ROTH 022 •MBT 018 •MBT 022


•5 pc/pk


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